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Where is Lignano?

Thanks to the great highways and rail links Lignano is easily accessible. Located in the south of the Friuli Venezia Giulia region, Lignano is a peninsula where you can access the sea as well as entertainment, nature and gastronomy. The area is bordered to the north and east from the lagoon of Marano and fishing ponds, to west by the Tagliamento River and the south by the Adriatic Sea. It has an area of about 1600 hectares of which 500 are urban, 430 are equipment and services, 270 of pine forest and 300 of farms.

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Where is Lignano?

City Distance from Lignano. Lignano Sabbiadoro
Amsterdam 1335 Km
Andorra la Vella 1346 Km
Atene 1809 Km
Belfast 2374 Km
Belgrado 718 Km
Berlino 1096 Km
Berna 699 Km
Bratislava 613 Km
Bruxelles 1290 Km
Bucarest 1328 Km
Budapest 776 Km
Cardiff 1857 Km
Chisinau 1995 Km
Copenaghen 1486 Km
Dublino 2203 Km
Edimburgo 2268 Km
Helsinki 2611 Km
Kiev 1699 Km
Lisbona 2475 Km
Lubiana 180 Km
Londra 1603 Km
Lussemburgo 1084 Km
Madrid 1924 Km
Minsk 1803 Km
Monaco 641 Km
Mosca 2495 Km
Nicosia 1471 Km
Oslo 2082 Km
Parigi 1196 Km
Podgorica 945 Km
Praga 887 Km
Pristina 774 Km
Reykjavik 3024 Km
Riga 1917 Km
Roma 615 Km
San Marino 367 Km
Sarajevo 784 Km
Skopje 1141 Km
Sofia 1097 Km
Stoccolma 2134 Km
Tallinn 2227 Km
Tbilisi 3306 Km
Tirana 1103 Km
Vaduz 602 Km
La Valletta 1507 Km
Vienna 548 Km
Vilna 1724 Km
Varsavia 1255 Km
Zagabria 319 Km